Friday, April 13, 2012

Change KDM cursor theme on Sabayon

The default settings of Sabayon KDE feature a login screen which uses a GTK style cursor theme. Which is not what we want.

Here is how to change the KDM (login screen) mouse theme for a KDE one, let's assume we want the default Oxygen White (change it for whatever you like, just replace the theme name - see below).

Create a folder named "default" in /usr/share/icons/default (will require root privileges).
Then create a file in that folder named "index.theme". 
Open it and paste the following:

[Icon Theme]
Name = Oxygen White
Comment = Oxygen mouse theme. Oxygenize your desktop!
Inherits = Oxygen_White

Change "Oxygen_White" above with the name of a theme you prefer.
Logout. Voila.

On Sabayon 9 the step from above didn't work. This is because some package pulls and installs additional cursor themes and places them in:
along with a default folder in it symlinking to a cursor theme.
Due to this, Xcursor looks for cursors in /usr/share/cursors/xorg-x11
before looking in /usr/share/icons/default

So, the if there are any cursor themes and links in /usr/share/cursors/xorg-x11, remove them from that folder. Then follow the step from above to create a default folder in /usr/share/icons/.

Logout. The nice cursor you wanted welcomes at the login screen. Sabayon is usable now :)

// The solution should work on other systems as well.

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